"Your special furry friends deserve our special care"
Pam, Peter & Family

Dogwood Boarding

Cat and Dog Kennels in Victoria, BC

Image of our dog kennels in Victoria BCWelcome to Dogwood Kennels! We have been the pet care facility of choice for numerous people and their dogs and cats since 1978. Dogwood, a fully licensed and insured home away from home, is located in a tranquil country location in Highlands, near Victoria, BC, only five minutes from Costco and Home Depot. The well-being of the pets in our care is of utmost importance. Our family owned and operated kennel is designed to facilitate frequent human interaction and monitoring, and to be secure, clean, and easily maintained.

Prior to boarding dogs, we offer a free, half-day stay at the kennel so your furry family members have a chance to familiarise themselves with new surroundings and for us to establish a positive relationship with them. This 'gentle introduction to the kennel' is unique in Victoria and has proven to be of great benefit to the pets and reassuring to their owners. Dogs and cats from different families are never mixed in order to reduce stress and to eliminate the possibility of injury due to fighting or roughhousing.

Jen with Cat in our cat kennelPlease call us anytime at 250-478-0073 to make a booking or arrange for a tour. You may also email us by clicking on the icon above or like us on facebook at Dogwood Boarding Kennels. Our excellent grooming service for dogs and friendly kitties is available by appointment whether or not your pet is boarding with us. We are open 7 days a week and our business hours are from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon, closed from 12:00 noon until 4:00pm, then open from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm. We are very happy to show you our entire facility, provide you with more information, and to address any questions you may have.

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